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November 30, 2007

Hiro And His Father. lol.

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That cracked me up.



November 28, 2007

Misia – 忘れない日々@ Tour of Misia 2004 Mars Roses (Unforgettable Days)

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Recently stumbled upon this JPOP artist MISIA on a random trial listening session at HMV. And her vocal caught my attention. The description on her CD briefly introduced her career and her wide range of notes which can hit the whistle octave! After checking out this live performance on this song, i felt abit guilty for doubting the info on the CD cover -.- Check out the part from 4min 🙂

November 22, 2007

Money Origami

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Cool origami made from notes.

via Linkinn

November 12, 2007

Mario Kart Stop Motion Video

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This is not highly rendered graphics or a multi-million budget film but it has a touch of humour and imagine the time taken to come up with it.

November 10, 2007

Weather Forecast

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What’s so special about this weather forecast chart on NHK?

Weather Forecast Chart

November 8, 2007

Not For Acrophobics

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This rock is one that is wedged in between two cliffs with a 3,000ft (914m) drop. Named Kjeragbolten, it is located in Norway and the spot is a local tourist attraction.

Kjeragbolten Suspended Rock

The Moon In High Definition

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This is absolutely the first time I have seen the moon so clearly. Look at all the craters. Wow.

Picture from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and public broadcaster NHK(click to enlarge):

Moon in HD

See more images and a HD moon flypast video at JAXA

November 6, 2007

Some spoofs of Jay Chou and Gary’s song

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曹格 – 背叛. Very well done imo. The ktv-like lyrics, the instrumental music, even the cut scene is also well blended in.. not to mention the frustration of hair loss.

周杰倫 – 千里之外 改版 欠我十块. This video appeared in recent newspaper so.. check it out.

周杰倫 – 七里香. Classic. Only the lyrics was edited while retaining the original song.

Fire breakout @ Kallang Basin

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I walked out of my room and something distracted me. The closed windows were tinted in orange.. which seems unusual. I looked out the window and.. below is what i saw. First time witnessing a fire breakout.. knowing its impossible to take a good pic with consumer cameras but nvm.. A “fire land rover” came and put out the fire.. after the fire died, several proper fire engines, police cars and an ambulance came along. My parents reckoned they lost their way.. my area is really ulu, erm, out of place.

Fire 1
iso 200.. dark

Fire 2
iso 400.. bright but shaky

Fire 3
digital zoom..

November 5, 2007

Le Parkour Pedestrian Crossing

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Is this a joke? Looks like a good place for Le Parkour enthusiasts to do what they do.

Le Parkour Pedestrian Crossing

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