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February 18, 2008

Cute Pink Nintendo DS Bento

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Most would not bear to gobble it down, too cute.


via Kotaku


November 5, 2007

Constituents of Rojak

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I promised the administrator of site that i’d put up a post soon….thing is….i can’t think of anything to post……..

after a night of studying…..this is what 2 of my wonderful friends came up with…..

Rojak is made up of pineapples
Rojak is made of cucumber
Rojak is sometimes stinky
But rojak is Singapore’s delicacy

Sometimes there’s Indian rojak
Sometimes rojak can be Malay
Rojak can also be ‘Ang Moh’
Which is actually salad served on a tray

We miss eating rojak
We cant have Singaporean rojak melbourne
We’ll have it back in Singapore
And this part wouldn’t rhyme

But really, we don’t give a damn
Coz we’re tired of thinking
But what’s important is that
Rojak won’t make you mad

That’s all folks!


November 3, 2007

Live And Fresh

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The freshest sashimi. How to tell? Watch the video to find out.

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