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December 16, 2007

Samsung U3 mp3 player

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After 4years of service, my TRULY MP3 Player is officially retired.. T_T. I think it was bought in 2000 when i just received my first pay from my internship! The very first generation of MP3 players right after MP3 CD players.. Due to it small size and sound quality, I refused to changed.. until it seems to produce some signal noise in some songs..

The next contender must be as small, with equalizer and low capacity which would be cheaper. 128MB is a joke now but it can store 20 songs which is about 2 CDs and I handpicked the favourite ones.

Choice 1: Ipod shuffle 2nd gen. Smallest and cool but NO equalizer.
Choise 2: Creative T100. No equalizer but has bass boost. Not confident in it.
Choise 3: Samsung U3. Has equalizer with its 3D effect. Does not act as Universal Mass Storage device according to Amazon user reviews. But users from a Chinese site all say it works.

Winner – Samsung U3! EQ is a MUST. Unfortunately Sony does not have real small designs. Best of all I found a good deal in the forums! $65 for the 1 GB model, 8 times the size of my old mp3.  and contrary to Amazon users, I plugged it in and it immediately becomes a removable drive for me to drag and drop files, just like my old mp3.




  • It has this retractable usb head, unlike those huge chunky ones with a cap and cause it to be thicker in size
  • It auto resumes playing from where it stops upon start
  • Has 4 levels of bass for tuning. Max for me 🙂
  • Good clarity.Touch sensor buttons. Can be good and bad.
  • Nice set of misc settings including beep and led settings.


  • The shuffle mode seems to repeat songs that were played before. Something which does not occur with the TRULY
  • 3D settings and equalizer are seperate different settings
  • No setting to reduce the trebles in 3D mode
  • Volume resets back to default of 20 after restart.

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